How to get started?

To get started:

1. Sign up to Artigram and verify your account.

2. Upload your images and follow the guidelines to create your profile:

  • JPG & PNG only
  • Minimum images size: 1000*1000 pixels at 72 DPI
  • Recommended image size: 16MP at 300 DPI
  • Only upload images you own the rights to
  • Read Artigram’s User Agreement

Next, set your images information per each image-

  • Set image name for presentation on gallery
  • Set image description and share with your fans more information regarding what they are seeing
  • Add tags in order people can find the image in your gallery

Next, give your store a name that align with your content and add your social accounts-

You've done it! Artigram is Creating Your Profile, once the images will be uploaded and first store will be generated, you can continue viewing your profile

Now the images are in "Pending" mode as we review them for things that violate our user agreement, as well as create a store for each image you upload. This can take a few minutes to complete.

Upon image approved, it will switch to "Approved" status and will be displayed in the store gallery accordingly

On your profile: You can manage and edit all your images. Learn more about profile status

Now the account is active! 

That's it! You are ready to go :)

Your photos are ready for sale on products and you can see money in your pocket right away with posting it to your followers.

 Add your bio text and profile image in order to give it personal touch! if you want to see how your shop look like, click on the "View as a visitor" button in the top of your page.

Optional -Set store prices and products

In order to set your products and prices, please use your Commerce Dashboard.
Your store will operate on default setting (of products and prices) in case that you don't set those values manually.

You can read more about store price setting here