How do I set store prices?

With Artigram, you set the prices for the products that are sold featuring your creations,
Please note- Your store will operate on default setting (of products and prices) in case that you don't set those values manually. 
In order to change your shop setting, do as follow-

Artigram let you Choose product you want to sell from each category, and set your margin per each product in ‘’Your price’’ Column, that will be represented as the "Retail price" at your shop.

  1. Go to your Artigram account’s Profile Page
  2. Click on the "Products" button on. Here, you can see all the products that are available for you on Artigram
  3. Choose the products you like to sell by clicking the check-box, you can choose to sell only specific products from each category if you like-

4. By default, products are set with a default price. If you want to change this, please set a different value for the “Your Price” field:

- Base Price: Cost per unit at Artigram

- Recommended Selling Price: This is the product's average selling price in stores.
- Your Price: This is where you define your desired retail price.
- Price After Discount: This is the retail price after discount, which is the selling price in the store. All prices in the store are displayed with a discount which can be determined by you (there is a minimum of 5% discount).
- Your Margin: Your margin after deduct clearing fees per each sale.