How do I create products with Artigram?

Artigram does all the heavy lifting for you – it converts your images to products automatically, based on the aspect-ratio of an image. Users can upload portrait, landscape, or square images with any image ratio. For the best results, though, we strongly recommend a 1:1 width to height ratio for square images, a 3:2 width to height ratio for landscape images, and a 2:3 width to height ratio for portrait images. We do not take responsibility for lower quality products if you upload images with other ratios. Artigram uses the following categories for aspect-ratios:

  • Landscape: For images which height is shorter than their width. 

  • Square: For images with identical width and height

  • Portrait: For images which width is shorter than their height.

Here are the products that Artigram generates, per image aspect-ratio, by category: