Demo shop terms of use

With your consent, Artigram will create a sample store for you with 20 images that will be taken directly from your social media accounts.

How it works-

  1. Once you provide Artigram your consent for getting a demo store by clicking the "Sample store consent checkbox" we will build a concept shop for you based on your images to better conceptualize the value that Artigram holds for you.
  2. Our art director will copy 20 images from your Instagram account or Facebook account and upload them to a demo account.
  3. We will use your logo and profile picture for creating your personal experience
  4. This shop is non-commercial and we won't use it for any internal use besides showcasing the potential for your eyes only.
  5. After 30 days, or earlier upon your request, we will delete the demo shop from our server


  1. Example stores will be for non-commercial use, if a user decides to open a shop with Artigram, they will have to set up an account of their own.
  2. You must be 18+ to grant your consent. As a user of Artigram, you are subjected to copyright laws and you must respect intellectual property rights. 
  3. You must own all rights (including copyrights) for the content you sell (image or text), and/or have written permissions from ALL persons who own (a) the rights to upload the content and (b) the rights to authorize the uses permitted in the user agreement.
  4. If someone other than you owns the content, appears in it, or has created it, you must obtain appropriate permissions from those persons before uploading this content to Artigram. 
  5. The example store will be valid for 30 days online and will be deleted automatically by Artigram

By clicking the consent check box, you consent to allow Artigram to set up an example account based on your Instagram profile or Facebook account, use your logo and business trademark, and use the personal information submitted above to provide you the content requested.