Terms of withdrawing earnings

Withdrawing earnings is done in accordance with the following terms:

  1. You receive earnings for every product ordered with one of your images on it.
  2. Your earnings appear under the “Dashboard > Earnings” tab in your account.
  3. Artigram allows you to transfer earnings from your Artigram account to your PayPal account, from a minimal sum of $100, and up to a max amount of $10,000, per withdrawal.
  4. You can withdraw earnings for orders that are marked as “cleared”.
  5. Orders are marked as “cleared” 45 days after they are shipped to customers. During this time the sale is finalized and disputes, if they occur, are dealt with.
  6. Withdrawal is limited to once per every 72 hours.
  7. All earnings are paid in US Dollars (USD).
  8. Processing fees: Please note that PayPal charges processing fees for handling transactions. Such processing fees are to be paid by the payee.
  9. If an order for which you were paid is either cancelled, returned, and/or refunded, we will deduct an equivalent amount from your earnings. If you don’t have sufficient earnings, we may send you a bill which you must pay upon receipt.
  10. Taxes: It is the sole responsibility of the withdrawer to verify their personal tax obligation, report, and pay taxes according to the laws of the state and/or country of residence, as applicable and required by local law and regulations.